Friday, June 3, 2011

The Jones Family | Southern Idaho Photographer

oh how I my life has been blessed because of this family. We are going to go back a couple of years and share a tiny bit of their story with you. Back in June 2009 they asked me to take their pictures so that they could use them for their adoption profile. It had been raining for weeks, but miraculously cleared up just long enough for their session. I came home soaking wet from the tall grass, but it was so worth it. We were able to get some cute shots.

This picture caught the eye of a very brave young lady and she knew that this was where her little baby belonged.

In March 2010 through the blessing of adoption they welcomed little baby Brody into their lives and the session I had been hoping for came to be. I cried the day she emailed me, I was so happy to be a part of this moment in their lives.

Brody was born just over a month after my little Colt and I have loved watching him grow just about as much. He is such a little stud!

and just like my little guy, Brody's first birthday came up really fast. I shared some of his pictures here back then, but here are a couple more...

and that brings us to the session I have been planning in my head for just about 2 years, since the day of their first session. I knew this session would come, they are too sweet, caring, and perfect for it not to come. Just like that first session it had been raining for weeks (welcome to Spring in Idaho) and I was so sure we were going to freeze, but again, miraculously just for their session the air warmed, the wind stopped and the sun even came out for a brief moment. The session could not have been more perfect, and I know these pictures did not turn out the way they did solely on my talents. They turned out the way they did because this little family is special! They have been saying how grateful they are to me, but really it is me who is the most grateful. To be apart of capturing their moments, a reminder everyday that miracles do is sessions like this one that makes my job the best job in the world.
...I seriously loved every picture we took, and there was no way I could have picked a favorite so other than these first 2 I just chose some randomly.
we had to recreate this shot and I was just about in tears with the reaction Brody gave his parents...he got the BIGGEST grin on his face and then would giggle, he too knew this was where he belonged!

Miracles do happen everyday of our lives! I LOVE YOU Jones family, thank you, thank you, for letting me be a small part of your joy!


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