Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love The Colors! | Southern Idaho Family Photographer

Mixing and matching colors, patterns and layers can be difficult, although rewarding and these guys pulled it off wonderfully!  I LOVE their choices, and I thought I would use their pictures to add a couple little tips on how to do it correctly.  
#1 find an outfit (like the little girl's) that has multiple colors
#2 pull colors from that outfit and colors from the same palate (primary colors, pastel colors, etc.)  to dress the rest of your family
#3 layers will soften brightness like with the little boy-the orange on it's own might have been a tad overpowering, but with the light blue on top it mellows it out just enough. 
#4 patterns, keep them subtle and simple.
#5 once all your outfits are together lay them out on your bed/floor, walk out of the room and then walk back in if your eye is drawn to one outfit over the others you might need to change it out for something else.  

okay now for the pictures...

Loved this one, had to include it!

Oh yeah, this was the session I just about canceled because I locked my keys, phone and camera bag in my car as I was getting out to do the shoot.  Luckily for all of us I realized my camera was around my neck.  Thanks to my hubby the locksmith was just about done the same time I finished up. 

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